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New York.- The operation and quality of education offered by the Greek American Charter Schools in the United States as well as issues relating to their economic support by the US government, the role of the Greek state etc. were examined at a symposium organized in New York on Saturday by the Greek Classical Charter School in cooperation with the Hellenic American National Council, HANC.
The first Greek American Charter School under the name “Athenian Academy” opened at Clearwater, Florida in 2001. The “Archimedian Academy” opened in Miami shortly afterwards and HANC launched an information campaign in 2002 targeting the Greek American community on the capabilities offered by those schools.
The Greek American organization mentions that the Charter Schools institution is a “golden opportunity” for the preservation and spread of the Greek language and education in America and becomes more and more acceptable in most American states.
The Charter Schools are public schools in the United States that provide the students with additional awareness of another language and culture that in standard public schools cannot be offered.
Shown in the photo, Ms Helen Couma, representative of the Hellenic American Educator’s Association, Larry Peroulas, President of Socrates Academy, in Holy Trinity Nort Carolina, Ted Tsafatinos, Adrianna Filotis, board member of the Greek American Educators’ Federation, Joy Petrakos, executive director of the Hellenic Classical Charter School in Brooklyn, Dr. George Kakavlis, associate Professor of Mathematics, FIU, president of the Archimedean Academy, Nancy Biska, event coordinator LaGuardia Community College, Theodore Spyropoulos, President of HANC, Stella Kokkolis, President of the Greek American Educators’ Federation, George Rigos, board member of the Ulysses School, Anthony Skoutelas, board member of the Ulysses School and Charles Kapetanakis, President of the Hellenic Classical Charter School.
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