SJU “Modern Greek Language and Hellenic Studies” , 2019

St. John’s College & Tobin School of Business, SPRING 2019 GREECE, March 2-10, 2019

Saturday, March 2nd, 2019 – Welcome to Athens!

In Nikos Mouyiaris’ Memory
From a Thank You Note of a Cypriot American Student

“…If I had to choose one thing that meant the most to me and stuck with me through this trip was the friendships that developed throughout our time in Greece. I went from being extremely shy and having very few conversations with anyone on day one of the trip to having 12 close friends I now consider family! The bond we created with each other will last far beyond the scope of our 10 days together in Greece. These friendships will last a life time because we all share amazing memories together of our time in Greece…
..Our trip to Greece has positively impacted my life by helping me get closer to my culture and learn to open up to more people..
..Nikos Mouyiaris’ name and memory will forever be associated with one of, if not, the best week of my life.”


“I can’t begin to express my gratitude for this absolutely amazing experience to come to Greece. I have never been here prior and I can honestly say that this country is wonderful. The places we were able to visit were absolutely breath taking. I did not know it was possible to see so many beautiful views in only one week. The people here are also so kind hearted. Everyone was so welcoming and by the end of the week I felt like a true Greek. I am so happy I was able to encompass my field of study into my experience here by visiting various Greek companies. It was so interesting to see how businesses are ran and I know feel that my global mind set has expanded. I will eternally be grateful for this wonderful experience and I truly think the memories will last a lifetime. Thank you so much, S. R.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Morning, View from our Hotel “Athens Gate”, Athens

I want to extend my extreme gratitude for the thoughtfulness of you and your husbands gift. Traveling to Greece has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl and you were both able to make that dream come true. This trip has been a life changing experiencing not only was I immersed into the Greek culture but I made friendships that will last a lifetime. I do not think you understand the impact this donation you made for this trip has had on my life. It changed my life for the better and I will definitely be coming back to Greece. The best part of this trip had to have been being able to experience the most delish food and beautiful sights with some of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life. This has been an opportunity of a life time and it would not have been possible without you both. Thank you so much! Sincerely, A. Ch.


The Corinthian Canal


..This experience have taught me things more powerful than any book or lecture can. I have seen and learned things that I will take and cherish for the rest of my life. From visiting some of the most historic sights in the world to interacting with the locals, I have grown as person with more respect and appreciation of history and cultures that no other form of academics can teach me. Your family’s sponsorship of this program have allowed for many of us to reshape their understanding of the world and see the world from a bigger lens. Being in a new environment has widened our appreciation of ones history and how important it is not only to learn from, but to cherish and be proud of. Sincerely, S.A.

Tour at the ancient Mycenae. Here we visited the remains of the prehistoric citadel fortified with the Cyclopean Walls, the Lionesses’ Gate, the remains of the Mycenaean Palace and the Tomb of King Agamemnon in which we will actually enter.  


Nafplio, the first capital of modern Greece! Nafplio is a seaport town in the Peloponnese in Greece that has expanded up the hillsides near the north end of the Argolic Gulf.

Monday, March 4

Visit to the company “Μύλοι Λούλη ΑΕ” in Keratsini

Visit and Lecture at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Visit to Acropolis. Our guide gave us detailed explanation of the glorious monuments atop such as the Parthenon, the Erechtheion, the Propylaia, the Nike Temple, the Agrippa monument and the surrounding monuments such as the Herodes Atticus Odeon, the Ancient Agora, the Observatory as well as the Philopappos, Mars and Pnyx Hills.

Community Service: Caritas Hellas. Read about our visit

Our day ended with a visit in Lycabettus hill, where the Photography group was united with “Discover Athens” group for a common photoshoot-tour guide. The students took photos with the beneficiaries and were guided while admiring in 360ᵒ Athens. They learned how the hill was created, based on an ancient Greek Mythology myth and they “looked down” the attractions of Athens.

Photos by Caritas Hellas Photography group

March 6th, Athens

Visit to the Greek Parliament- Welcoming by the President of the Hellenic Republic 


Thursday, March 7

Cape Sounion. Driving along the picturesque coastal road, past the beautiful beaches of Kalamaki, Glyfada, Voula, Vouliagmeni and Varkiza, with its countless coves, with the beautiful blue waters of the Saronic Gulf only feet from us, we continue toward Sounion. A crowning feature of the tour is Cape Sounion, famous for its radiant sunsets and dominated by the Doric white marble Temple of Poseidon that overlooks the blue Aegean Sea.

Dinner at En Plo Restaurant in Vouliagmeni

Friday, March 8, 2019

Delphi, the center of the ancient world the “omphalos” (navel) of the earth whose prestige extended far beyond the boundaries of the Hellenic World. Located on the slopes of Mt. Parnassos in a landscape of unparalleled natural beauty and majesty lies the archaeological site of Delphi. Delphi is the site of the Sanctuary and Oracle of Apollo, the most important sacred site in ancient Greek religion. Visit the Sanctuary of Apollo, the Treasury of the Athenians, the Stadium, the archaeological museum, which contains masterpieces of ancient Greek sculpture, such as the Bronze Charioteer and famous athlete Aghias.




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