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Plant Your Roots in Greece

A «taste of Greece» at Adelphi University N.Y.

Source: ANA – MPA, Thessaloniki, 03.05.2011
The contribution of ancient Greek medicine, the importance of Greek language and harmonious coexistence with nature was highlighted through an event organized for the second consecutive year by the Greek Society of Adelphi University, entitled “A taste of Greece”. The event was coordinated by the Professors and Advisors of the Greek Student Association, Gioula Serpanos and Nancy Biska.
The proceeds from the event will be allocated to the Hellenic – American Foundation “Plant Your Roots in Greece” for the creation of a 4.000 tree grove in Delphi, named after the American University.
“We strengthen and take care of our Greek and American roots”, stated the President of the Association, Aristides Kourkoumelis in his greeting address. Expressing the pride of Greek Diaspora students on our Cultural Heritage, that they are studying and promoting to the multicultural American community he emphasized that; “The American press may publish negative articles on the Greek economy, but all of us will leave this event with our head held high and proud of what we culturally represent”.

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A good cause

National Herald, January 25, 2008
From left to right: George Leventis,Nancy Biska and Manolis Velivasakis hold a check from the Langan Engineering Environmental Services for $25,250 which was donated to the Plant Your Roots in Greece Foundation at Kellaris Parea on January 16 in New York.

Greeks rally to raise funds for “other’ wildfires in Homeland

By Clem Richardson, Monday, November 5, 2007, DAILY NEWS
The summer wildfires swept across the already sun-scorched land, consuming everything in the way and leaving ashes in their wake. The devastation was incredible – at least 67 people killed, 1,100 homes and 427,000 acres of forest and farmland destroyed. This wasn’t sunny Southern California last month, but Greece in August, when some 170 wildfires, some of them arson blazes, rampaged through Mount Taygetos and other portions of Peloponnese in Southern Greece.
Kyriakos (Charlie) Kourakos, owner of Mezzo Mezzo restaurant on Ditmars Blvd. in Astoria, Queens, spent long hours watching television reports as the flames ravaged Mount Taygetos, near Sparta, in the province where he grew up.”I used to vacation there when I was growing up, and I still take my family there,” said Kourakos. “It is such beautiful country, full of birch and pine trees. So beautiful.”Peter Alexeas, president of Progressive Designs, a Hempstead, L.I., firm that designs and builds diners, was vacationing in the region when the flames hit. He joined the fire brigade as locals tried to help overwhelmed firefighters in the battle.”There were only two fire trucks,” Alexeas said.
“I think we did more than the firemen did. I burned my hand, the fire was so close.” Now the two have joined with consultant Nancy Biska and the World Council of Hellenes Abroad in a national effort to replant Mount Taygetos and other parts of their homeland. The World Council is looking to raise more than $500,000 for the “Plant Your Roots In Greece” tree-replanting program. Biska said all the money raised will go directly toward the replanting effort. “Every dime that is donated will go into replacing lost trees,” she said. The Greek government has pledged to rebuild the destroyed homes.
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