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Hellenic Concerns: Re-vitalizing Hellenism worldwide

Part I-January 15, 2007,  Greek News, Interview by: Yvonne A. Montesantos
“Ms. Biska, as a leading proponent of Hellenism, in what ways could we coordinate and interface with the many Greek-American groups more efficiently, in order to re-vitalize Hellenism world-wide?”
Nancy Biska: We Greeks are resourceful, ingenious, creative, megalomaniacs, seekers and, on top of all, we have an opinion about everything. These elements constitute our “big fat Greek ego”. Since the ancient times, Greeks brought into being and achieved great things because of these characteristics. And it was these very characteristics that led to division, to civil wars and in general to our effete position in the global process.
We Greeks abroad feel a great pride for our background and our cultural heritage, something that makes us arrogant and leads us to believe that we deserve recognition and leading positions.
Another egoistic factor for the American Hellenism is the provincialism. The structure of Omogeneia was based on associations of national-topical interest because during the days of immigration this form was subserving socially our compatriots. Nowadays that immigration is in its minimum level, this provincialism stands as an additional barrier, obstructing the cooperation and coordination of the actions of the Greek-American community.
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Dr. Gaetano Cipolla Lecture at PanMacedonian Studies Center

Greek News, March 13th 2006, By Catherine Tsounis
“Sicily was an uninhabited paradise of green forests and rivers in 1000 B.C.,” said Dr. Gaetano Cipolla on Friday evening, Feb. 24th at the Pan-Macedonian Studies Center in Whitestone, New York. “Greek navigators explored the island for several hundred years. There were few persons and Carthaginians on the island. The Greeks began the first massive colonization of the island. They were the first to settle and develop a Sicilian civilization. While other persons came as conquerors, the Greeks came to stay and gave to Sicily.” Dr. Cipolla, a St. John’s University professor at the Languages and Literatures Department, is the foremost Sicilian-American historian in the United States.
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Nancy Biska hosts open forum in Boston

The SAE Youth of Boston is honored to announce that Ms. Nancy Biska has accepted their invitation to host the upcoming Open Forum in Boston.
The event, which is supported by the Federation of Hellenic-American Societies of New England, and the Hellenic Students’ Association of MIT, will take place on Wednesday March 15th 2000 at 6:00 pm at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) room number 120, located in Building 6 (Room 6-120).
The theme of the forum will be: Means of Preserving and Strengthening Hellenism . This event is an opportunity for Hellenes of all ages to openly discuss issues and ideas concerning Hellenes abroad. The direct participation of the youth, along with the presence of distinguished guests will aid in the strengthening of the communication bridges between the two age groups. The forum will be covered by Antenna Satellite TV and will be broadcasted on a future show by Ms. Biska