A «taste of Greece» at Adelphi University N.Y.

Source: ANA – MPA, Thessaloniki, 03.05.2011
The contribution of ancient Greek medicine, the importance of Greek language and harmonious coexistence with nature was highlighted through an event organized for the second consecutive year by the Greek Society of Adelphi University, entitled “A taste of Greece”. The event was coordinated by the Professors and Advisors of the Greek Student Association, Gioula Serpanos and Nancy Biska.
The proceeds from the event will be allocated to the Hellenic – American Foundation “Plant Your Roots in Greece” for the creation of a 4.000 tree grove in Delphi, named after the American University.
“We strengthen and take care of our Greek and American roots”, stated the President of the Association, Aristides Kourkoumelis in his greeting address. Expressing the pride of Greek Diaspora students on our Cultural Heritage, that they are studying and promoting to the multicultural American community he emphasized that; “The American press may publish negative articles on the Greek economy, but all of us will leave this event with our head held high and proud of what we culturally represent”.

The main speaker of the event, Assistant Professor of Surgery at the New Jersey Medical School, Dr. Georgios Tsioulias, was welcomed by the Vice President of the Association, Katerina Pougiouklides, stressing that Medicine remains one of the most important scientific areas through the ages, quoting Hippocrates ““Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity”.
Dr. Tsioulias mentioned the contribution of ancient Greek doctors to modern Medicine. The former President of Greek American Medical Doctors of New York, made a historical flashback, focusing on the influential figures of Hippocrates and Galenos, who left their mark on Medical Science in Ancient Greece, with their work, presenting innovative ideas on health and diseases, while setting up the foundations of Medicine on solid grounds.
“Hippocrates and Galenos, gave a great emphasis to Medical Ethics and the importance of an immaculate doctor to patient conduct, and that is why their work still has an impact on modern doctors”, stated Dr. Tsioulias, among other things. “Developments in Medicine in Ancient Greece were presented in the wider city – state context, of the Democratic regime and philosophical mindset of that era, factors which played a definitive role in the evolution of art and science, contributing to one of the most glorious times in the history of mankind”.
The event was attended by the Consul General of Greece, Agaia Balta and the Consul General of Cyprus, Koula Sofianou, Greek and American students, parents, distinguished academics and representatives of the Greek Diaspora.
Greetings were addressed by students – members of the Association Board, Penny Daki and Harry Zikos.
The evening was concluded with traditional Greek delicacies and Greek dances.
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