Diversity of Hellenism Celebrated at the First Greek Honor Society Installation

Greek News, JUNE 8TH, 2009
New York.- “Welcome to the First Induction Ceremony of the Modern Greek Honor Society under the auspices of the Pan Arcadian Federation of America. This is a historic evening marking the establishment of the first Modern Greek Language Society in American Universities at St. Johnʼs University,” said Anthony Tymvios. Over one hundred persons attended the event held at room 277 A&B in Bent Hall on May 5th evening. The moderators were Veronica Georgiades, George Damalas, Bridget Barry, Anthony Tymvios and Dennis Moshopoulos.

The Program consisted of the following: Keynote speaker, Col. Albert A. Lahood, Professor of Military Science of the SJU ROTC and MSG Elizabeth Simmons; Introduction: History of the Pan Arcadian Federation of America, Demetrios Filios, President of the Pan Arcadian Federation of America; Greetings: Dr. Robert Forman- Director of the Honors Program and Professor of English and Classics; Benefactor: Certificate of Achievement, Mr. George Fakiris, philanthropist/businessman and George Alexiou, Greek American Homeowners Association; In Memory of Vasilis Bill Filiotis Scholarship, donated by Vasiliki, Adriana and Georgia Filiotis, scholar Valerie Sotirou; Mrs. Aleka Tsinias, President of the Evrytanon Amerikis “To Karpenisi” Society, Award to scholar Elizabeth Stylianou; The 2009 Theodore Spyropoulos Award, awarded by Mrs. Athanasia Nancy Biska, scholar Agatha Catechis; Candle Ceremony and Greek Honors Installation; Recognition: Mrs. Athanasia “Nancy” Biska, President of the Pan Macedonian Studies Center honored Dr. Gaetano Cipolla and Dr. Florence Russo and Veronica Georgiades, President of Greek Society, Charles Probst and Katerina Trabaza; Certificates of Appreciation: Greek Honor Society Trip to 2009, Hermes Expo: Anthony Tymvios,, Laura Zummo, Zoe Kourkoumelis; Dominick Montemurro and George Despotopoulos;
Outstanding Services to the Modern Greek Language and Literature Program, Bridget Barry, Anthony Katsigiannis, Christina Kostaras, Haritomeni Scoufaras, Michael Nysiriou, Andy Kokkinos, Julia Kourkoumelis, Dennis Moshopoulos, George Damalas and Keily Abreu.
Special Acknowledgement: Cephalonian Association Aenos NY – Andreas Dorizas and Anna Papasavva and Prof. LawrenceWaldron. The scholars inducted into the Society included: Keily Abreu, George Athanasopoulos; Bridget Barry; Agatha Catechis; Maria Catechis; Maria Charitou Andrea Chronis; Vilena Buryev ; George Damalas; Harry Damanakis; Peter Dellaportas; George Despotopoulos; Christina Demos; Peter Dilis; Panagiotis Frintzilas; Michael Hefferon; Veronica Georgiades; Ashley Hatzidiamantis; Eleni Hatzinikolaou; Marino Kambourakis; Antonis Katsigiannis; Andy Kokkinos; Deanna Kokotos; Crissa Kostadaras; Christina Kostaras; Julia Kourkoumelis; Leonidas Kouroupos; Andreas Kurumusis; Stamatios Lathourakis; Michael Lydakis; Eftyhia Manolatos; Constantine Marangoudakis; Anthony Michaelides; Dennis Moshopoulos;Michael Nysiriou, James Orfanos; Anna Papamichael; Ariana Pavlo; Dominique Rivera; Angela Roscigno; Haritomeni Scoufaras; Irene Sergiou; Valerie Sotiriou; Franco Stavrinou; George Theodoris; Sophia Triant; Soterios Tsevdos; and Anthony Tymvios.
The Pan Arcadian Federation of America is a nationwide organization dedicated to promoting the principles of Democracy and the ideals of Hellenism, the preservation of the Greek language and Orthodox Church and the support of Arcadian & Arcadian-American philanthropic & educational institutions. In 1931, the Pan Arcadian Federation of America was formed to help consolidate all the various Arcadian village clubs that existed across the United States. The original founders of the Federation were 12 visionary Arcadians who initially registered this organization in the State of New York.
After continued growth, the Federation was eventually divided into three districts: The East District (New York), The Midwest District (Chicago), and The West District (California). Currently representing over 1,800 members, these three regional offices work together to further the goals and uphold the constitution & by-laws of the Federation. Since its inception, the Pan Arcadian Federation of America has given back to the Arcadian community, both in the United States and in Greece. They take pride in their heritage and we give to numerous charitable activities
In 1941, the Pan Arcadian Charity Fund was established to help fund the building of a hospital in Tripolis to aid the victims of World War II. With the addition of generous contributions from the Philodendron of Tripolis organization and the United States Government, construction of the hospital began in 1947. It officially opened its doors in 1950. Since then, the Pan Arcadian Hospital has provided important medical care for thousands of Arcadians throughout the region.
The Pan Arcadian Federation of America takes pride in its role as a contributor in the Greek American Rehabilitation and Nursing Center that was built in Wheeling, Illinois in 2002 to serve people in need throughout the Chicago land area. In 2001, Beaver College in Glendale, Pennsylvania changed its name to Arcadia University, after the picturesque ancient Arcadian land known for its peacefulness, simplicity and strong academic and intellectual contributions throughout history. Having heard this and making the connection to the University through a local broadcasting station, the Pan Arcadian Federation of America was graciously invited to Pennsylvania for the name changing ceremony. After learning about the University’s outstanding faculty and programs, the Pan Arcadian Federation of America decided to establish the Arcadia University Committee.
This Committee is dedicated to aiding Arcadia University in the growth of its undergraduate and doctorate exchange programs (which are now ranked 2nd in the nation). The formation of this committee reflects one of the most important goals of the Federation, that of continuing the tradition of academic excellence that existed in ancient Arcadia.
The logo of the organization is “Et in Arcadia ego”, a Latin phrase that most famously appears as the title of two paintings by Nicolas Poussin (1594–1665). Poussin “describes some shepherds wandering out in a morning of the spring, and coming to a tomb with this inscription, ‘I also was an Arcadian’.” In other words, that the person too once enjoyed the pleasures of life on earth. The Utopian vision, Arcadia, is associated with bountiful natural splendor, harmony, and is often inhabited by shepherds, regarded as living close to nature, uncorrupted by civilization, and virtuous.
Now, as the Pan Arcadian Federation is known in Greek, is sponsoring the first Honors Society in the Modern Greek Language on the University Level. It will be a role model for the establishment of similar organization across the United States. Mr. Demetrios Filios is the dynamic president of the Pan Arcadian Association, who was instrumental in the establishment of Arcadia University in 2001 and now the St. Johnʼs Greek Honor Society in 2009.
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