Farewell to a Diplomat: Dr. Catherine Boura

Representatives of five dynamic organizations organized the event that raised over $3,000 in scholarships that will be presented to His Eminence, Archbishop Demetrios. The awards will be given to outstanding scholars of the Greek-American community on the “Greek Letters Day Celebration” the end of January 2008. These organizations and their representatives included: Pan Macedonian Studies center, Markella Neofytides; Athenian Association of New York, Christina Kostakis; The Thessaloniki Society, Koula Moscokarfis; Pan Greek American Educators Federation, Stella Kokolis; and Council of Greeks Abroad (SAE).
I was honored to be here representing the Languages and Literatures Department of St. Johnʼs University,” said Vivian Vescovacci, administrator to Chairman Dr. Nicolas Toscano. Both persons are the prime forces in keeping Modern Greek language alive. “You take a part of our heart with you,” said Athena Kromidas, Principal of William Spyropoulos School.
“I was a lucky Consul General,” said Dr. Catherine Boura. “I had a great staff that worked with me to help all in their interests. We formed a strong bond between the Greek government and the community of New York. We are all women who play a crucial role in perpetuating the family, education and Hellenism. Women have worked behind the scenes in the war effort of our history. Education is important and supports the next generation, making them distinctive. Greek language is becoming an accepted international means of communication in the Balkans. Modern Greek is considered a major language of the European Union. We must transmit it to our children. I will hold an image of you in my soul. When I return to New York City, I will remember and meet with you to share mutual experiences.”
Nancy Biska and SAE must be congratulated for supporting exceptional events for the past three years that is integrating Hellenism into the American consciousness.
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