Laurels for our Hellenists!

La Gazeta, Volume 6, Issue 1, page 3, Adelphi University GAZETTE-ADELPHI UNIVERSITY
Professor Biska, our professor of Greek, reports that the Hellenic Society won the “Educational Event of the Year” award for their event “A Taste of Greece” at Adelphi’s Brown & Gold banquet! “At this event,” she notes, “students presented videos and photographs from Greece, showing Greece’s contribution to the western civilization and the importance of restoring Greek values in our daily lives.
The walls of the hall were decorated with posters, while images from Greece were being projected, using material which was provided by the head of the GNTO (Greek National Tourism Organization) in the US, Mr. Chrysanthos Petsilas.

The event was attended by the President of World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE) Education Committee, Ms. Stella Kokolis, and all of the guests had the opportunity to taste Greek delights and enjoy Greek music. Dimitris Monias was the DJ for the evening. Student Aris Kourkoumelis analyzed the myth of Plato’s Cave, concluding with a reference to Socrates on the need for man to examine life and live as a decent and brave walker.
Melina Giakoumis presented her experience through her participation in Dr. Anagnostis Angelarakis’ excavations in Eleftherna of Crete. Katerina Pougiouklides made reference to the importance of Greek mythology and Panayotis Lafatzis on the visions, the future and activities of the Society. The students enthralled the audience and especially their parents.
The well-known entrepreneur Mr. Kourkoumelis, overwhelmed by the presentations of the students, suggested the organization of joint events among neighboring Greek Student Associations. “At such times, we see the justification of our efforts. These children deserve every form of support and encouragement to pursue similar initiatives,” observed Mr. Kourkoumelis.


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