Senator Padavan Honored at SJU Greek Evening for Phil-Hellenism

Greek News, NOVEMBER 4TH, 2008
New York.- Senator Frank Padavan was honored at the sixth Annual Evening of Greek Culture held Friday evening, October 17th, at Council Hall of St. Johnʼs University. Senator Frank Padavan is a defender of Hellenism in Northeastern Queens.
Mrs. Athanasia Nancy Biska, international journalist, webmaster, President of the Pan Macedonian Studies Center said “Phil-Hellenes have assisted unconnected, hardworking, intelligent persons of Greek origins for generations. Senator Frank Padavan, a Republican, whose popularity crosses all political parties, has been in power for several decades. His popularity lies in his fairness, humility and kindness to all who seek his help, without any strings. He is the only Republican representative in the Democratic stronghold of northeastern Queens, New York City.”
“His assistance to the Greek-American communities in his district is legendary” explained Ms. Biska. “He helps with a smile. Senator Frank Padavan is responsible for obtaining the 2007and 2008 New York State Education grants that published “The Greek American Experience I and II” books by Prof. Catherine Tsounis through the auspices of the Pan Macedonian Studies Center. These books are read in the United States and the European Union made possible by Senator Padavanʼs unique cooperation with the Pan Macedonian Studies Center.” An award and copy of “The Greek American II” was presented to Senator Padavan.
Mrs. Biska concluded by expressing her appreciation for “the two grants given to the Pan Macedonian Studies Center to publish “The Greek American I and II” books authored by Professor Catherine Tsounis and Dr. John G. Siolas. A third grant is included in your budget for a third book in this series. Your grants have established the Pan Macedonian Studies Center as a supporter of University learning of the Modern Greek Language and Culture. Thank you for your continued support.”
Senator Frank Padavanʼs appointment as Vice President Pro Tempore of the New York State Senate is the culmination of more than 30 years of experience, hard work and dedication to the people he represents and all New Yorkers.


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